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Benefits of using the Hostel Management System

  1. Customizable roles & permissions allows easy access control for multiple users.
  2. Unlimited resources (Room, Tenant & Staff) can be added, viewed, edited & removed ensuring a scalable solution.
  3. Summarized information can be accessed instantly in the dashboard.
  4. Error & hassle free money management regarding utility, expense, invoice (rent) & salary.
  5. Easily upgradable and advanced engineering to ensure security & user friendliness.

Technology Stack

  • PHP
  • Codeigniter
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • Bootstrap
  • Material Design Lite

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Does The Hostel Management System help to manage hotels?
– Yes, the Hostel Management System has been built for hotel management. It is considered one of the top selling software for hotel management in this digital market from SoftMaji.

Is this hotel management software, web based or not?
– Yes, it is a web based software.

Does this software fulfill all the features of a hotel guest management software?
– Yes, this software can help you to manage all your guests easily.

I need hotel management software for small hotels.
– You are in the right place. The Hostel Management System has already solved the management pain of thousands of small hotel owners!

I have been running a hotel business for a couple of years. So far I am managing my hotel in a manual way. But now I am feeling that hotel management erp software can help to manage my hotel in an efficient way. Does Hostel Management System fulfil the hotel management ERP functionalities?
– Yes, the Hostel Management System has the quality to fulfill your demand.

Can I use the Hostel Management System as the room rental management software for my small hostel business?
– You can try Hostel Management System. This software is designed to manage the room for hotel and hostel business.

I am searching for the best Hostel management software, Hotel management accounting software, Hostel administrator software for my hostel business.
– Hostel Management System has appeared with the absolute solution for your business. It saves time, money & reduces hassle for the managers, staff & renters.

I am facing problems to manage my hotel room and inventory. So I want hotel room management software / hotel room inventory management software which can help me.
– With the help of the Hostel Management System you can manage your hotel room along with inventory, payroll. There are also some other very useful features that you’re gonna love.

Is there any common software that could be used in college hostel management software and school hostel management software?
– Hostel Management System is designed both for school and college hostel management. This is the perfect software which can help you in both scenarios.

What are the keys of hostel management software features?
– Key functionalities or features of a hostel management are Utility, Invoice/Rent, Salary, Room, Tenant, Staff management. The Hostel Management System is providing all the features along with the ability of designing roles and permissions for users.


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