We offer Graphics Design Training in Lucknow

Best Suitable For: B.C.A, B.Sc. (IT), B.Tech, M.Sc. (IT), M.Tech, Diploma or IT Interested Student, Any Student

Design stunning graphics using Adobe Photoshop

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Both modes are available[/info_banner_vc]

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No Need for Any Prior Knowledge[/info_banner_vc]

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2 Projects & 5 Assignment[/info_banner_vc]

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Live doubt clearing session[/info_banner_vc]

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3 Month Continuous Training[/info_banner_vc]

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We offer job after this training[/info_banner_vc]

Industry Recognized Certificate


All of our certification programs were curated with our network of global industry, academic, and workforce partners. 100+ companies use SoftMaji InfoTech for hiring every year. So a certificate from SoftMaji is recognized everywhere.

  • From entry-level to advanced, we have certification programs for learners at every skill level.
  • We teach technical, employability, and career-building skills in each of our certification programs.
  • We deliver our certification programs completely online, or in a hybrid or apprenticeship model.
  • Our competency-based learning makes it easy for learners to achieve multiple certifications.

Why learn Graphics Design?

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This is one field that gives you both creative and financial freedom (the ability to construct the world the way you choose).

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Modern design studios and design teams are some of the most active and interesting places to work, where every day presents a new challenge and no two days are same.

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The impact of your work is real and obvious, whether it’s a social media poster for an NGO or a print ad for a corporation!


How will your training work?

Regular Classes

Attend Daily Classes to learn various concepts

Quiz Section

Test your knowledge through quizzes and module tests

Assignments & Live Project

Work on assignments and projects. Use our in-browser IDE for coding practice


Take the final exam to get certified in Web Development